Green Century Investment Ltd (GCI). is a Canadian private equity and venture capital investment company located in Toronto, Ontario.

As a strategic investor, we are driven to add value to investment opportunities in technology and innovation, real estate and alternative energy assets.

Thru our wholly owned subsidiaries, GC Technologies and Green Century Power, we offer engineering, procurement, construction and project management services.

With our investor networks, we also syndicate investments.




With vast investment and operational experiences, our team members have diverse backgrounds across both domestic and international markets.

Our seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence help connect companies to our network of investors and entrepreneurs globally.

With expertise spanning multiple sectors from Alternative Energy, Energy Conservation, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, Manufacturing to Food Processing, Our investment committee and advisory board brings insight and networks to help build sustainable businesses.



GCI's participation includes direct investment into companies via equity and convertible notes, as well as in global expansion through licensing and distribution joint ventures.

In our venture capital financing, we look to participate in seed stage or pre-A rounds. 

We are looking for Industrial/Energy, Media and Entertainment, Business and Consumer product companies across sectors with a solution driven focus on:

1. Simplifying complicated processes for consumers and businesses

2. Re-optimizing/re-allocating idle resources or excess capacity

3. Transforming traditional industry processes